Child Support Services

The Division of Child Support Services is responsible for establishing and enforcing orders for child support. Our Mission: Children deserve the security of having their needs met. Parents are responsible for providing financial, medical and emotional support for their children. To achieve these goals, we establish and enforce child support orders, treating all parties with respect, and serve the community through outreach and education.

Online Child Support Application

You can fill out an application for child support services online and submit it electronically. It is easy, safe and no cost to you. If you would like to submit your child support application electronically, complete the statewide online application using the Virtual Interactive OnLine Application (VIOLA).

Payment Options

Child support payments are collected and processed by the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU).

  • Credit Card Payment

    You can pay your child support, medical support and spousal support by credit card. You must enroll in the program and receive a PIN number to make payments. You can enroll in the program or to make a payment once you have a PIN.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

    Employers and parents making child support payments may authorize their bank to send child support payments electronically. Parents receiving support may receive their payments through direct deposit or a MASTERCARD-branded electronic payment card (EPC).

  • Payments by Mail

    If you are paying child support by check or money order, please mail your payment to the California State Disbursement Unit, PO Box 989067, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9067. Please include payor's name and ID/SSN with the payment. Do not send correspondence to this address.

To learn more, visit the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU) website or call (866) 901-3212.

Department of Child Support Services

California's Child Support Services Program works with parents — custodial and noncustodial — and guardians to ensure children and families receive court-ordered financial and medical support.

The Marin County Department of Child Support Services would like your feedback about our child support program. Your feedback will help us make sure we are giving our customers excellent service and quick access to the information they need. To complete this customer service survey, please choose a link:

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In accordance with the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 the Department of Child Support Services may assess a $25 Annual Service Fee for each case that has never received public assistance. This fee will be assessed every year on October 1 for each case in which at least $500 has been disbursed to the family in the prior Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30). The fee will be automatically deducted from the next payment(s) issued to the custodial party after October 1 until the fee has been recovered in full.