Criminal Prosecution

Acting Heads of Division: Chief Deputy Dictrict Attorneys Rosemary Slote and Dori Ahana

This operational division is comprised of three Vertical Trial Teams assigned to each of the three Criminal Departments of the Marin County Superior Court. Vertical prosecution is one of the key organizational components of this office. Handling our criminal caseload in a vertical fashion reduces inconvenience to crime victims and law enforcement personnel. Additionally, another trial team is assigned to handle misdemeanor cases and cases being prosecuted under a special DUI Grant.

The crimes prosecuted by this office generally fall into two broad classifications: misdemeanor and felony prosecutions.


Felony Cases

The most serious offenses are felonies and in order to reduce the need to have a victim retell his or her account of an incident or have a law enforcement officer retell his or her statements or investigative steps in a particular case over and over again, a single team is assigned to a felony case and is responsible for its continued investigation and prosecution.


Misdemeanor Cases

The prosecution of our misdemeanor caseload is handled by our Misdemeanor Trial Team.