The primary responsibility of the District Attorney is to prosecute cases referred by our law enforcement partners in Marin. There are thirteen different law enforcement agencies in Marin as well as a variety of state bureaus and agencies that have the primary investigative responsibility for incidents arising in the County or affecting its citizens. The inspectors in our Investigations Unit are highly trained and experienced peace officers who support these various law enforcement agencies.

Our philosophy is an investigation never ends with respect to any case prosecuted by this office. Whether a particular case is a general felony, a gang-related incident, a family violence or a sexual assault case, our office has experienced trained peace officers to further the initial investigation by the local law enforcement agency and assist the prosecution team in putting the best and most prepared prosecution before our juries.

When an incident is brought directly to the attention of our investigative team a jurisdictional assessment will be made and the appropriate law enforcement agency having the primary investigative responsibility contacted. Once the local jurisdiction has completed its investigation and a basis for prosecution found then a re-referral to our office will occur.

Although our inspectors will on occasion originate and conduct the primary investigation, those situations are limited. Our investigative staff relies and partners with our local police departments and county sheriff so the maximum investigative resources can be directed to a particular incident.