Human Trafficking investigation leads to felony criminal charges

March 10, 2020

Human Trafficking investigation leads to felony criminal charges

On March 9, 2020 Marin County District Attorney's Office filed two counts of felony violations of pandering, and one count of possession of marijuana for sale against Nathaniel Ray Coleman. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 10, 2020.

These charges stemmed from Marin County Major Crimes Task Force detectives becoming aware of a man recruiting human trafficking victims over social media in Marin.  The man was identified as Nathaniel Coleman, 33, of Marin City.  After observing Coleman’s solicitations, an undercover Task Force detective asked Coleman about his recruitment of women to work as prostitutes for him.  Coleman began attempting to groom the undercover detective to work for him as a prostitute, demanding that she pay Coleman $500 from her human trafficking earnings. 

Coleman also boasted that he had two other women engaging in human trafficking at his direction.  The conversation between Coleman and the undercover detective continued for a number of days while MCTF confirmed Coleman’s identity.  During this time, Coleman repeatedly encouraged the undercover detective to meet with him, engage in human trafficking, and provide Coleman with the money she made from the activity.

On 3/5/20, Task Force detectives conducted surveillance of Coleman as he arrived to a meeting location in Marin City where he expected to meet the undercover detective and begin trafficking her.  Coleman was detained by Marin County Sheriff’s Deputies and arrested for PC 266i – Pandering.  Coleman was also booked for marijuana possession for sales based on items found on him at the time of his arrest.

In an interview with Coleman, detectives learned that he currently worked as a crossing guard in Mill Valley near Tamalpais High School, information that was confirmed by Task Force detectives.  Coleman denied his previous boasting to the undercover detective that he was trafficking two other females, and no additional victims have been identified as of this date.  The investigation is ongoing and the Task Force asks anyone with information on this case to call 1-800-369-4694.

The Marin County Major Crimes Task Force is committed to fighting human trafficking in Marin.  The Task Force regularly partners with Marin Law Enforcement and the Marin County Coalition to end Human Trafficking to investigate and arrest those engaging in Human Trafficking.