Marin Law Enforcement and DA Address Hateful Flyers Dropped at Properties

February 24, 2022

Dozens of antisemitic and anti-vaccination flyers have been found on Marin County properties in recent days, and Law Enforcement and the District Attorney's Office are tracking the incidents.

The flyers were distributed in Tiburon and the unincorporated Wildhorse Valley neighborhood of western Novato. The flyers are usually in a plastic bag with rice and are thrown on driveways from a moving vehicle. In addition to listing the names of prominent national healthcare officials, the flyers imply a connection between people of Jewish faith and the Covid-19 pandemic. The conduct is designed to instill fear within communities on a national and local level.

Below is the link for full release:


Document Download: MCPCA-Joint-Press-Statment-for-Antisemitic-Flyers.pdf