Opening in our office for Legal Research Assistant

October 12, 2021

Legal Research Assistant

3 year Fixed-Term

District Attorney's Office


The minimum qualifications for the position are as follows:
Any combination of education and experience that would provide the knowledge and skills listed. Typically, equivalent to graduation from a recognized paralegal program with extensive experience in legal research and analysis which would provide the knowledge and skills described in the class specification.

1. Please tell us how you meet the minimum requirements for the position. Please provide us with a detailed description of your experience, dates of employment, and the name of the employer(s) where you gained this experience. For education, please list your degree in the education section of the standard application.

NARRATIVE QUESTIONS: (Please answer all questions below). Please note: If you do not possess any experience, please state “No Experience” in the space provided.
2. Please describe your experience conducting legal research and preparing court documents and memoranda.
3. Please describe your experience utilizing spreadsheets or database software to categorize and track information from a wide variety of sources. In your response, please provide detail on the software or systems you have used.
4. Describe your work experience dealing successfully with representatives from law enforcement and other agencies, and victims and witnesses who may be confrontational or strained. In your response, please describe the methods used to ensure successful interactions and effective customer service.
5. Describe your understanding of the restitution process for crime victims in California, and please indicate what work experience you have in assisting others in determining the amount of restitution owed and in obtaining restitution through the criminal justice system.

Document Download: Legal-Research-Assistant.pdf