Speak Safe event in Marin Covenant Church on May 2nd

April 24, 2023
Source: https://marincovenant.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1678179

Youth Exploitation is happening in every city and state, it does not favor a certain zip code or  economic background, race, gender, or age in Marin County and neighboring counties. Many of us don’t realize that sextortion crimes are on the rise and the percentage of boys exploited is increasing. Less than 1% of exploited youth will ever disclose that they have been exploited,  unaware they are even a victim. Yet 54% will report to a trusted adult in their life. Come join us  and learn how we can all be that trusted adult in a young person’s life no matter what our role is. 

• What does exploitation/human trafficking really mean? 
• How is it happening and where? 
• How does it go under the radar and unnoticed for so long?  
• How can the vulnerabilities of our youth be used to exploit them? 
• Who is involved and affected by this? 
• What can you do to build protective factors into a young person’s life. 

Everyone is welcome; parents/caregivers, middle & high school youth, and community  members.  

Refreshments will be provided. 

To register: Speak Safe Event - Marin Covenant Church (churchcenter.com)