Real Estate Fraud

The Marin County District Attorney’s Office Real Estate Fraud Unit investigates alleged real estate fraud cases occurring in Marin County. The types of cases which will be considered for investigation are matters alleging fraud involving or relating to the recording of a real estate instrument with the Marin County Recorder's Office such as: fraudulent transfers of title to real property; recordation of fraudulent real estate documents; and foreclosure and loan modification fraud.

When we receive a real estate fraud complaint, we review all the information and the supporting documentation that is included for possible criminal activity.

This office is not legally permitted to intervene or represent individuals in civil matters nor are we allowed to give you legal advice.  If your matter involves or requires court intervention, whether immediate or not, please contact an attorney with the requisite knowledge and skill to advise and represent you in the matter.

If you believe you have been a victim of real estate fraud, involving or relating to the recording of a real estate instrument, please complete this complaint form. Other types of alleged real estate fraud should be reported to the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where you reside.

Real Estate Fraud Complaint Form

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